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September 1, 2021

Dear Friends,

We had been looking forward to having our annual Open House again this Fall. But, despite the relaxed regulations, it just doesn't seem safe enough to do so. We will miss seeing you but discretion if the better part of valor.

Although you won't be able to taste the wines, we have included Owen Bargreen's tasting notes and high scores in the below link. He is replacing the highly respected Steve Tanzer at Vinous magazine.

I've always appreciated the changes in wines from year to year due to vintage variation, rather than focusing on the qualitative differences. But I would be remiss not to mention that the wine writers are hailing 2018 as the best Washington State vintage since 2012.

We have one new wine that we are excited about. It is the Elephant Mountain Vineyard red wine that is a blend of 75% Cab and 25% Merlot with very concentrated berry fruit and earthy flavors. And we still have a small amount of our Red Mountain Reserve, which is likely to be a "one and done" wine due to the vineyard sources no longer being available. Thank you for your positive feedback on this wine!

To place an order, you can use the below link to our shopping cart or print a copy of the below order form. Our annual progressive case discount of 10-20% will be effective until September 30th. Shipping will proceed as soon as the weather permits.

As always, you can pick up your order at our winery to save on the cost of shipping. Please indicate that on your order and we will refund the cost of shipping.

Stay safe and thank you for your business!

To your health,

Dave & Cecile Larsen

24012 172nd Ave. S.E. Kent, WA 98042 ph. 253-631-8775

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